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    when we choose one thing, it doesn't mean that what is suitable for others is also suitable for ourselves. especially when purchasing electric forklift, we should consider all kinds of performance of electric forklift comprehensively, and choose a really suitable electric forklift according to our own needs. do you really choose the right electric forklift?
    this problem determines the rated load when you purchase an electric forklift.
    from a professional point of view, if your average cargo weight is 1.5 tons, we do not recommend you to buy an electric forklift with a rated load of 1.5 tons. because as an electrical appliance, our motor has overload protection, but it works for a long time under rated power, which will certainly have a certain impact on the life of the motor. electric forklift is ideal for loading no more than 80% to 90% of the goods.
    is your electric forklift in the shelf area or in the production workshop? is there a shelf in the warehouse? what is the access to the production workshop? this question determines how many specifications you need when you choose a car. if it is used in the shelf area, what is the aisle of the shelf and the maximum height measured? what is the type of goods when the fork rises to the maximum height? is there a loft, elevator or similar restricted passage in the operation process? is there a certain slope on the working road surface?
    these factors are related to the static height of the forklift, the lifting height of the forklift and the material selection of the electric forklift.
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