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    safety is the basic condition for human survival and development. safety is the most important issue in business activities. the concept of accident prevention should be penetrated into every aspect of daily work. as a special equipment, forklift trucks must undergo safety training before they can be driven by professionals who have obtained forklift operation certificates. strengthen safety awareness of drivers by organizing safety training. tianjin forklift truck rental has repeatedly stressed that as a forklift driver, whether you are a novice or not, you must strictly grasp and operate according to the following matters:
    1. the height of the fork should be kept at 300-400mm, and the gantry must be backward.
    2, do not lift the fork too high when driving. when entering or leaving the work site or driving, notice if there are any obstacles on it. when the load is moving, the forklift truck is not allowed to rise too high, which will affect the stability of the fork lift truck.
    3, after unloading, you should first drop the fork to the normal driving position before driving.
    4, turn corners, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, they should first send out driving signals. no sharp swerve. high speed cornering will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and overturn.
    5. driving forklift is strictly prohibited from flameout and sliding when downhill. no special cases are prohibited from braking.
    6. tianjin forklift rental forklift truck must keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of it in order to comply with the traffic rules in the factory.
    7. when the forklift truck is running, the load must be in the lowest position without hindering the driving, and the gantry frame should be properly inclined backward. no load can be added except stacking or loading.
    8, the height of objects should not obstruct the driver's view. when special circumstances affect the line of sight, slow down when reversing.
    9, prohibit turning on ramps or crossing ramps.
    10. forklift truck factory area safe driving speed 5 km/h, enter the production workshop area must be low-speed safe driving.
    11. forklift trucks leased by tianjin forklift trucks are prohibited from standing on forklift trucks to carry goods and play a balancing role when lifting or driving.
    12, find problems, timely overhaul and report, never bring sick work and hide not report.
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